The Technicians is a fun, challenging and proudly “geeky” ongoing series of articles and opinion pieces for people who love numbers and analysis. Discover the latest tips, quizzes, tactics, techniques, best practice skills, academic research, cutting edge innovations and real-world case studies in a wide-range of Financial Analysis topics. The Technicians will cover everything from best-practice analysis for creating win-win Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) outcomes; emerging research in Investment Management analysis; technical challenges associates with Monte Carlo simulation; or how VBA and Add-ins can deliver a competitive advantage in driving Banking outcomes. Guest articles are powered by today’s leading practitioners and tomorrow’s superstars that love of Excel, financial and investment analysis as much as you do. The Chief Technicians are Dan Mayoh, Alex Gordon and Joseph McDaid who lead the ModelOff Question Design Team and moderate this series. If you are interested in writing an article, please email


If you’re making a real financial model, don’t make this simple mistake…

By John Cheong-Holdaway
June 2015


A Million Ways to Connect R and Excel

By Arnaud Amsellem
May 2015


Circularity for Bank Interest – The worst thing you can ever put in your financial model?

By Andrew Berg
March 2015


Excel Data Tables – Exploring Bond Calculations

By Christo Kritzinger
April 2015


The Way to Array – Are you King of Array Formulas in Microsoft Excel? (Part 1)

By Dan Mayoh
March 2015


Combining And Cleaning Data From Multiple Excel Workbooks With Power Query

By Chris Webb
March 2015


Why Financial Analysts are Specialized Data Scientists

By Philip Trick
March 2015

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