August 30, 2015 was a very sad day for ModelOff. One of our former Judges, Professor Simon Benninga passed away at his home in Israel. He was widely regarded as one of the “Fathers of Financial Modeling” and his books and lectures have inspired millions of Finance students across the world. Simon was one of the greatest educators in the history of Financial Modeling – a scholar, a leader and wonderful educator with so much charisma, strength, dedication and ambition. He was voted by The Economist as one of the world’s best Finance and Business Professors.

4 years ago, Simon was the first person approached to be a Judge of ModelOff when it was just an idea. Now it’s the world’s largest competition for Finance, Excel, Accounting and Investment professionals for thousands of participants. After we sent a short 3-line email – Simon memorably called back by 7pm and said, “I love it. I’m 100% in. This is going to be fun”. Of all the people we could choose, we chose you Simon.

You believed in the powerful possibilities of financial analysis and financial modelling more than anyone. And as a life lesson, you taught us the importance to embrace young and innovative ideas with zeal and passion – because sometimes, the crazy ones are the ones that do change the world.

Only because you said “YES” and backed us at the start with your brand, your trust, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit that ModelOff exists today. Thank you Simon for changing our world. You believed in ModelOff from the start.

In memory of Simon’s legacy, we proudly inaugurate The Simon Benninga Award for the World’s Top Student at ModelOff each year.

Professor Simon Benninga – Husband, Father, Friend, Colleague, Respected Researcher and Professor, Finance Expert, Avid Modeler. Former ModelOff Judge Simon Benninga passed away in 2015, but we remember the incredibly strong education legacy he left behind. Credit to Simon’s wife Terry Benninga and his colleague Tal Mofkadi for putting together these beautiful tributes.

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