Hilary Smart

Portfolio Analysis Manager @ Bioenergy Infrastructure Group

Hilary holds a masters in mathematics from the University of Cambridge. She believes that the ability to think logically and break complicated transactions down into easily understood components is key to building robust financial models. Hilary was the winner of ModelOff 2013 in New York, and she looks forward to welcoming the Finalists to her home town of London this year.

A manager at Operis, a financial advisory consultancy firm that specialises in financial modelling, Hilary primarily works on project finance transactions for large infrastructure deals. She has particular experience in the renewables sector, and in developing operating models. In addition to building models, Hilary particularly enjoys undertaking model reviews, and she has learned a lot about different modelling styles through exposure to models built by a vast number of modellers.

What is the most unique thing you have ever done in Excel?
Nothing too unique I’m afraid – I like to keep things as simple as I can (but not simpler).