Dan Mayoh

Managing Director @ Fintega

Dan is a self-taught spreadsheet specialist with 10 years’ experience in financial modeling. He has a particular expertise in in the construction, review and analysis of Project Finance and other transaction-based models, especially in the Infrastructure space. Dan is currently managing director of Fintega and undertakes financial modeling consulting, training and regular speaking engagements throughout the world. He was previously with Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation as the Director of Financial Modeling and Project Analysis. Dan has also had roles with consultancies Mercer and PwC in both Australia and South America, working on transactions from all over the world.

A keen mathematician, Dan holds a degree in Actuarial Studies from The Australian National University. In addition to traditional financial modeling, Dan enjoys building spreadsheet applications to focus on the mathematical analysis and optimal strategy of games and gambling propositions, in both a recreational and professional consulting capacity.

In 2012 Dan participated in the inaugural ModelOff Financial Modelling World Championships, earning 2nd place in the world.

What is the most unique thing you have ever done in Excel?
Built a fully functional (and incredibly accurate) deterministic model of the game of Blackjack with a number of customisable options for exotic rule variations that were not covered by any existing models/software on the market.