Alex Gordon

Director @ Clare Capital

Alex is a specialist financial modeler with a passion for providing elegant financial modeling solutions. Before joining the Question Design Team, he was successful in the Financial Modeling World Championship winning the title in 2012 and coming runner-up in 2013 (as well as securing individual and team innovation awards at the 2013 Championship).

Formerly based in New Zealand, and now in the PwC Chicago office, Alex is a Manager in PwC’s Corporate Finance team where he is leading the Business Modelling initiative providing model build and review services. He supports a wide range of private and public sector clients and has provided procurement support on New Zealand’s largest Public Private Partnership (PPP) transactions.

Alex enjoys using Excel to analyse and understand many different issues and has been known to use Excel recreationally.

What is the most unique thing you have ever done in Excel?
Once worked on a spreadsheet to generate QR codes – not particularly useful, just for fun!