Announcing ModelOff’s New York Meetup

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30th September 2014 — We are delighted to announce that ModelOff’s fourth meetup for 2014 will be held on Thursday October 16th in the spiritual home of financial modeling, New York City. Intralinks, ModelOff 2014’s major global sponsor, is sponsoring the event which will be held at 48 Lounge. At the start of the year we received feedback from past competitors that they wanted to be more connected with their Excel modeling communities, and these Meetups are a fantastic occasion for networking, mentoring and exchanging ideas. If you’re in New York City on October 16th, bring some colleagues along to meet with others who love Banking, Finance, Excel and Financial Modeling.

Register for the event here – best of all, it’s totally FREE.

The ModelOff New York Meetup will be held only 9 days out from Round 1 of ModelOff 2014! A great chance to meet others also preparing for the 2014 competition.


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