NEW FOR 2018

For ModelOff 2018, we have introduced a variety of exciting changes to the competition format of the Financial Modeling World Championships. These changes are designed to make the competition more accessible, educational and enjoyable for all potential entrants around the world.

Education and the development of financial modeling skills has always been a core value of ModelOff. Many of these changes are focused on ensuring that all participants, particularly students and young professionals, can tap into the educational benefits of competing in this fun global competition.

Below is a summary of the 4 key changes we’ve made to the Financial Modeling World Championships and why we’ve made them.

More Accessible Competition Times


  • Competitors will be able to work through questions and case studies without the intense time pressure of previous years.
  • Access ModelOff Round 1 any time within a 24-hour window, with up to 12 hours to complete the questions and challenges.
  • These changes will apply to Round 1 and Round 2 Open.
  • Qualification for the ModelOff Finals will be based purely on Round 2 Official, which will run simultaneously worldwide as previous years.

Previously, a competitor’s score from Round 1 had a big impact on making the Finals. Now that this is no longer that case, we’ve been able to relax some of the rules to focus more on participation, leaning and fun. These changes now:

  • Make it easier for people to compete regardless of where you live or other commitments;
  • Place more focus on modeling ability, not just how fast you can model; and
  • Allow people to compete and learn at their own pace.

See full competition format at About ModelOff.

Team Entry


  • Compete in ModelOff as a team of up to 6 people!
  • Each member of a team will be able to view the online rounds on their own computer, with a team’s score to be based on the answers submitted by the Team Captain.
  • Team members can attempt different questions or simply work through each question as a group, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Teams will be able to compete in Round 1 and Round 2 Open, but are not eligible for the ModelOff Finals.

For many competitors (particularly students), ModelOff can feel like a daunting challenge. Allowing people to work in teams allows them learn from each other and develop a greater sense of confidence in their own modeling ability. After all, some people compete in ModelOff to make the Finals, others just want to learn and have a bit of fun.

See full competition format at About ModelOff.

ModelOff Finalists


  • The 16 Finalists for ModelOff 2018 will be made up of the Top 10 Overall competitors and Top 6 Rookies.
  • For ModelOff, a Rookie is defined as a Student Competitor who is 24-years-old or less, the top Rookie will be awarded The Simon Benninga Award.
  • Qualification for the Finals will be based purely on a competitor’s Round 2 Official results.

Participating in a ModelOff Finals is a career changing experience. In addition to the technical challenge of competing at the highest level, the networking, friendships and professional credibility that come from this experience has a profound impact on those who have earned the right to call themselves a ModelOff Finalist. In the same way that many sporting codes have World Championship level tournaments for U19s and other youth levels, we also want to expose some of the best and brightest young financial modelers to top level global competition and the range of professional benefits that come from being a ModelOff Finalist.

See full competition format at About ModelOff.

Hall of Fame


  • In 2018, we introduce the ModelOff Hall of Fame.
  • Finalists who have competed in the Finals 3 or more times will be inducted into the ModelOff Hall-of-Fame.
  • Hall-of-Fame members will no longer be eligible to qualify for future ModelOff Finals, and will in essence ‘retire’. However they will still able to compete in the online rounds.

ModelOff has always been focused on recognising and celebrating the very best modelers in the world. However, having a limited number of individuals experience the ModelOff Finals journey repeatedly is not in the spirit of why ModelOff exists. We believe that the ModelOff Hall of Fame, and retirement after 3 Finals appearances, strikes the right balance between acknowledging some of the world’s most accomplished modelers and continually developing the best and brightest modelers of the current day.

See the ModelOff Hall of Fame

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