ModelOff Launches Private Leagues in 2015

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We’re excited to announce that ModelOff will introduce Private Leagues to the 2015 Financial Modeling World Championships for Companies and Universities.

We’ve received feedback that participants in many organizations – from university students, analysts, associates, managers and senior partners – wanted to create some competitive fun and learning across different geographic locations at the annual ModelOff Championships. For example, participants at Morgan Stanley (a global investment bank, just for example) in their London UK office would love the ability to see their own comparative ranking relative to counterparts in Morgan Stanley across Chicago, Mumbai, Dubai, São Paulo (Morgan Stanley operates in 24 countries). Similarly, students within Universities were also seeking their ranking relative to their peers in accounting, finance or engineering studies in undergraduate and post-graduate streams to help them to showcase skills for graduate careers. ModelOff 2015 makes this possible.

How It Works – Choose Your Private League
Participants simply choose to opt-in to their company or university league – and will be notified of their relative ranking at the completion of ModelOff 2015. It’s a confidential way for people to build their careers, celebrate and learn with work colleagues and benchmark financial analysis talents to improve in future years. From accounting firms to banks and small enterprises, it’s a fun way to learn and push boundaries with your peers.

Important Note
If you don’t want to participate in your company or university private league, simply don’t choose the option. All information and rankings are strictly confidential and will never be made available to anyone publicly. Private leagues are about exactly that – private – and company or university rankings will strictly only be made available to that individual. Keep it fun and invite your colleagues to the 2015 ModelOff celebration.

Read the FAQ >> | Request a Private League >>

If you have ideas or suggestions – email Matt (

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