ModelOff Private Leagues

What are ModelOff Private Leagues?

Private Leagues are a new way for ModelOff competitors to see how they compare against others in their Company or University. If you select to be part of Private League during the ModelOff registration process, you will receive extra data in your ModelOff Results Email showing you how you rank compared to the other competitors in your Private League.

How It Works – Choose Your Private League

When registering for ModelOff 2017 (Round 1 is September 23th, 2017), participants simply choose to opt-in to their company league (for professionals) or university league (for students) – and will be notified of their relative ranking at the completion of ModelOff 2017. It’s a confidential way for people to build their careers, celebrate and learn with work colleagues and benchmark financial analysis talents to improve in future years. From accounting firms to banks and small enterprises, it’s a fun way to learn and push boundaries with your peers.

Who Can See My Ranking?

Your confidentiality is important to us. Rest assured that only you will be notified of your ranking within the Private League. If you don’t want to participate in your company or university private league, simply don’t choose the option. Private company or university rankings will strictly only be made available to that individual. However, the names of the top 3 competitors in each Private League will be visible to the other competitors in your Private League.

My company/university isn’t listed. What do I do?

Not a problem. We have just listed some of the more commonly featured institutions who compete in ModelOff. Offices and teams within SMEs are equally encouraged to participate in Private Leagues. Simply email us at to arrange a Private League. We will create the League ID for your institution provided there is sufficient interest amongst your colleagues and cohort.

Keep it fun – Invite your colleagues to join the 2017 ModelOff celebration

A list of the major company and university leagues are detailed below. A full list is available in the registration form.


League ID Company
Accenture ACC Accenture
BAML BAML Bank of America Merrill Lynch
BARC BARC Barclays
BLK BLK BlackRock
CITI CITI Citigroup
CSG CSG Credit Suisse
DEL DEL Deloitte
DBK DBK Deutsche Bank
EY EY Ernst & Young
GS GS Goldman Sachs
JPM JPM JPMorgan Chase
LAZ LAZ Lazard
MQG MQG Macquarie
MS MS Morgan Stanley
NAB NAB National Australia Bank
NOM NMR Nomura
PWC PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers
RBS RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
WFC WFC Wells Fargo


League ID University Country
COL Columbia University United States
COR Cornell University United States
CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
CUNY City University of New York United States
HEC HEC (Paris/Montreal) France/Canada
HVD Harvard University United States
IIM Indian Institute of Management India
IIT Indian Institute of Technology India
KSBL Karachi School for Business and Leadership Pakistan
LBS London Business School United Kingdom
LSE London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
MCG McGill University Canada
NTU Nanyang Technological University Singapore
NUS National University of Singapore Singapore
NYU New York University United States
OXF Oxford University United Kingdom
SFD Stanford University United States
UCAL University of California United States
UCAM University of Cambridge United Kingdom
UCHI University of Chicago United States
UMEL University of Melbourne Australia
UPEN University of Pennsylvania United States
USC University of Southern California United States
USYD University of Sydney Australia
UT University of Texas United States
UTOR University of Toronto Canada
WSE Warsaw School of Economics Poland
WSTL Washington University in St Louis WSTL
YALE Yale University United States

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