ModelOff Dominates High IQ Competition

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Round 1 of the inaugural HIQORA High IQ World Championship took place on May 28 with over 2000 registrants from all around the world. Results for Round 1 were sent out on June 1 and ModelOff are delighted to announce that there are 4 past-ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championship Finalists in the Top 40, including 3 in the Top 15! This demonstrates that ModelOff’s talent extends well beyond just the realm of Financial Modeling. With Round 2 around the corner on June 11, we wish them the best of luck and we’re looking forward to see our first ever multi-competition Finalist.

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9. Willem Gerritsen (Finalist 2014, Runners-up 2015)
11=. Karolis Ramanauskas (Finalist 2015)
11=. Diarmuid Early (World Champion 2014, Finalist 2015)
31=. Dan Mayoh (Runners-up 2012, current Question Design Team member)

HIQORA Round 1 Top40

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