ModelOff 2016 Analysis: Round 2 Section 3

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As ModelOff continually strives to improve competitor experience, in 2016 we have decided to release answer analysis for the Online Rounds. The answer analysis outlines the percentage of correct answers amongst the competition as a whole, GoldClass (top 10% competitors) and the 20 Finalists.
(*Note: Non-attempts at the question are considered incorrect answers)

So far, we have released three Case Study Questions from the 2016 Online Rounds; Chip Off The Old Block and Roll The Dice from Round 1, as well as Tally Up from Round 2.
Download the Case Study Questions here >>

Below is the answer analysis for Tally Up, we hope that this gives valuable insight into the performances of various groups within ModelOff, and a standard for which to measure your improvement against. We will be releasing further answer analysis in the coming days along with other Case Study Questions from the 2016 Competition.

Answer Breakdown Guide – ‘Tally Up’, Round 2 Section 3


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