London – 3rd December, 2018

Financial Modelling Masterclass

Instructors: Dan Mayoh (ModelOff Question Design Team) & Diarmuid Early (2014 ModelOff World Champion)

This special one-day masterclass, being offered for the first time in London, is an opportunity to learn from two internationally renowned and truly world-class financial modellers as they spend the day sharing some of their vast Excel knowledge.  The material to be presented has been hand-crafted by Dan and Diarmuid to focus on some of the most useful topics for the intermediate and advanced financial modeller to learn, in order to help take their modelling abilities to the next level.  Limited to a small class size, this masterclass will be interactive and participatory in nature, giving participants and the instructors plenty of time to discuss how the material presented relates to the way participants actually use Excel day to day in their regular activities.  This masterclass is ideal for people who are already very comfortable modelling in Excel but have a desire to learn more and take their knowledge to the next level.

Meet the Trainers


Dan Mayoh

ModelOff Question Design Team


Diarmuid Early

2014 ModelOff World Champion

Our Philosophy of Training:

ModelOff High Performance Training is built on the philosophy that great financial modelling comes down to (i) possessing a broad technical knowledge, and (ii) making the right choices – about spreadsheet design, formula selection, worksheet layout etc.  Our training leaves students with an expanded toolset of Excel and modelling techniques, and an enhanced knowledge about the pros, cons and subtleties of each tool in their toolset.  A broader toolset plus better knowledge of each tool means people are more likely to select the best tool for the task at hand.

Morning Session – Model Design, Favourite Techniques and Working Efficiently

In this session, Dan and Diarmuid will call upon a suite of existing models they have developed (based on either real world consulting tasks, past ModelOff questions or recreational Excel pursuits) in order to discuss such concepts as:

The thought process prior to building a new model; User-friendly design features; Developer-friendly design techniques; planning for when the goalposts move; some of our favourite advanced formula concepts; simulation techniques; building for calculation efficiency; improving the efficiency of your Excel development environment (including personal macros); etc.

During this session we will also discuss the pros and cons of each concept, so that participants leave with not only an improved tool chest of new tools, but the knowledge of how to best use each tool.

Afternoon Session – Reporting & Automation

This session will cover a broad set of topics around reporting data and presenting analysis done in Excel.  We’ll start by discussing how to present data, including tips for charting, getting the most out of conditional formatting, and producing flexible dashboards to summarize key aspects of your data with different views / settings / filters.  We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of different ways of sharing your outputs and tips for each – e.g. embedding the outputs in a PowerPoint or pdf, making professional-looking presentations directly in Excel, etc.

Next, we’ll talk about automating the production and distribution of these reports, so that you can run them at the click of a button.  Typical examples would be generating a performance dashboard as a PDF output for multiple regions / products / sectors, or sending an automated email to every manager or business head with data on their team’s activity, or to every salesperson with a list of clients they haven’t called on recently, etc.

Using VBA effectively is a core part of Excel automation, and we’ll spend time on simple recipes that cover a lot of standard cases, as well as tips and ideas on how to expand to more complex settings. We’ll also introduce Power Query and discuss some of the (big!) advantages it can offer for reporting and automation. Finally, we’ll cover some aspects of spreadsheet design that are important to making your workbook more ‘automatable’.

Who is the Masterclass for?

  • Advanced or Intermediate Excel users interested in learning new tools and techniques
  • People who use Excel regularly in their daily jobs, particularly to create models or reports
  • People who are confident and curious about improving their skills and efficiency in how they use Excel
  • People who want to improve the professionalism of the spreadsheets they create in Excel



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