GTC Preview: Part 1

We’re only days away from the ModelOff Global Training Camp 2015 in London, presented by Microsoft at their Cardinal Place offices. The agenda is almost fully set and there are 32 world-class training sessions open to the 250-plus registrants.

Three streams will run throughout the GTC: Financial Analysis and Modelling, Corporate Finance and Advanced Excel. With more than 40 world-class trainers and presenters from the UK, Europe and around the world also descending on London for the event, participants have the opportunity to meet, learn from and share with some of the industry’s foremost financial and analytical minds.

Such a jam-packed schedule will invariably force GTC participants to make some tough choices in their session selections. In Part 1 of our GTC preview, here are some of the ModelOff Team’s highlights across the Financial Analysis and Corporate Finance Streams. It is in no way intended to be exhaustive and we encourage you to keep an open mind for all GTC sessions – choose sessions that suit your skills, interests and needs the most.

1. Three World Champions
Presenters: Alex Gordon, Hilary Smart, Diarmuid Early
Time: Thursday late morning
A unique moment when we bring all three ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championship winners together in the same room. They’ll discuss their successes and run through the ModelOff questions which led them to glory. To have a specific past ModelOff question discussed, email us in advance.

2. The Great Debate
Panellists: Levi Bailey, Simon Hurst, Morten Siersted, Rickard Warnelid, moderated by Dan Mayoh
Time: Friday late morning
The topic is “Why can’t we agree on Global Financial Modelling standards and best practice?”. If there’s an upside of why we can’t, maybe this panel is it.

3. Dan Mayoh’s Workshop: High Performance Training in Financial Modelling
Time: Friday morning
Mayoh is a world-leading financial modeller and current head of the ModelOff Question Design Team. This workshop will be a brief masterclass showcasing a few tips and tricks for anyone aspiring to be a great modeller, and an interactive discussion facilitated by Dan exploring the most useful content and methods to provide advanced and relevant training to those people who are already the star Excel user / financial modeller in their office.

4. Alastair Matchett’s Seminar: Private Equity and Venture Capital
Time: Thursday morning
This is a seminar ideal for any advanced financial professional. Matchett has some serious cross-industry experience in private equity. Learn best practice modelling and techniques for M&A, LBO Analysis, buyouts, synergy identification and venture investment.

5. The Innovation Panel
Panellists: Alastair Matchett, Felix Zumstein, Antoine Vettes
Time: Thursday early afternoon
The world’s rapidly evolving, and so is FinTech. Learn more about how disruption and innovation are changing financial services as you know it – from M&A to due diligence and even business analytics. Experienced panellists Matchett, Zumstein and Vettes bring unique insights from exciting start-ups.

6. Financial Modelling Technical Leadership Workshop
Presenters: Levi Bailey, Ben Norris
Time: Thursday late afternoon
This session will be a cracker. Bailey and Norris are both top 25-ranked financial modellers and Bailey was also a ModelOff Finalist in 2014. This interactive workshop will cover creating a culture of excellence as well as the technical complexities of advanced modelling.

7. Real World Simulation of Investment Banking
Presenter: Rahul Sonthalia
Time: Friday morning
This seminar will appeal to anyone interested in investment banking. Learn to understand the complexities of a full-service IB. The session will help you think holistically around financial analysis, transaction analysis and research.

View the entire agenda here

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