ModelOff Gold Class is a special initiative recognizing and rewarding the Top 10% of ModelOff competitors in a given year. We want to celebrate the elite talents in the financial modeling community, more than just those lucky enough to make it to the World Finals. ModelOff Gold Class is the mark of excellence in the international finance and financial modeling community. This is an exclusive credential that cannot be bought, only earned. For those looking to take the next step, challenge yourself and reach for Gold Class.

How do I get into Gold Class?

Each year we will recognize those who finish within the Top 10% of ModelOff with the Gold Class distinction. It is awarded and remains active until the following year when a new Gold Class is announced. ModelOff Gold Class also includes the Top 10% of competitors in the Student category.

What does Gold Class give me?

Achieving Gold Class status is a recognition of your excellence in Financial Modeling that also gives you access to special offers, opportunities, invitations, prizes and more from our sponsors, partners and leading global organizations.

The ModelOff Redmond Experience

Proudly sponsored by Microsoft, the Redmond Experience was an amazing professional development opportunity open to ModelOff’s Gold Class Members, those who finished in the Top 10% of ModelOff. Six spots were offered to visit Microsoft HQ in Redmond, Washington to meet the Microsoft Excel Development Team.

The Super Six chosen as winners of the Redmond Experience were:

  • Brian Calhoun (USA)
  • Sankalp Kant (India)
  • Ben Norris (UK)
  • Joan-Diego Rodriguez (Switzerland)
  • Lukas Rohr (Switzerland)
  • Philip Trick (USA)

These lucky individuals got to:

  • See new product features before they were released
  • Work with the Excel Development Team and influence design decisions for future versions of Excel used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide
  • Share their practical feedback about using Excel in the real world
  • Learn more about how Excel is designed and built
  • Explore the Microsoft Envisioning Center

We thank our great friends and event sponsors at Microsoft for making the opportunity possible. To everyone who applied, thank you for taking the time to do so. We’re hopeful of bringing the ModelOff Community more great opportunities like this in the future.

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