Get Ready for ModelOff Round 2 – Saturday October 31, 2015!

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Congratulations to everyone who has made it through to Round 2 of ModelOff 2015! It’s a great achievement. Round 2 starts online at 8am New York/12pm London time on Saturday October 31, 2015. Please note this may be different to Round 1 due to recent daylight savings changes (see below).

Receiving Your Login Details

As with Round 1, you will receive a unique link 24 hours prior to Round 2. Check your inbox (particularly if it’s a work one) to ensure you receive these details. If you don’t, please email us.

If you have any issues with accessing work accounts on the weekend, provide us an alternate email address.

Unlike previous years, you don’t need a password to access Round 2.

How do I access the ModelOff Round 2 Challenge?

  • When the Round 2 challenge goes live, you will be able to access the Round 2 challenge.
  • You must start the challenge at the beginning of the Round. You will not be able to commence ModelOff part way through the Round.
  • Click on the link sent to you and fill in your name.
  • Work through the questions listed in any order you like. You can edit your answers or return to the menu at any time.
  • Always keep an eye on your time remaining.
  • To submit your work, click “I am done with the test”.
  • You will need to upload your models to be considered for the World Finals.
  • If you experience any problems during Round 2 you can close your browser and log in again.
  • For any issues during ModelOff Round 2, please email The ModelOff Team will respond immediately.

  • Round 2 Start Times

    PLEASE NOTE: Round 2 runs for 2 hours 15 minutes. The challenges commences 8am New York time/12pm London time. If you have any technical or administrative issues, email our team within allotted time of the Challenge, as no additional time will be given. The extra time provided is ample time for you to upload/send your models.

    Please note your start time may have changed. Given recent daylight savings changes, we strongly recommend double-checking your local time.Ensure you are not late as you can only login at the start of the Round.

    Round 2 Start Times


    ModelOff Round 2 Question Breakdown Guide

    This will be released shortly – we will email it to competitors.

    Preparing for Round 2

    Our Question Team advises completing the Past Questions as the best kind of training for ModelOff. Two of the case studies from Round 1 2015 have been uploaded. There are also a number of Worked Solutions available. There’s no set curriculum for ModelOff.

    When will I receive my results?

    Round 2 results will be emailed out by Wednesday 4th November, alongside the announcement of the 16 World Finalists.

    Tech Issues/Login Difficulties

    For any issues you encounter, email We’ll get back to you immediately.

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