1. What is ModelOff?

ModelOff is an innovative and challenging annual global online competition for professionals and students to develop and test their financial modeling skills against friends, colleagues and top modelers worldwide. Competitors undertake two Online Qualification Rounds before the World’s Top 16 advance to a Live Finals Event held in New York at the ModelOff Global Training Camp.

2. Am I eligible to participate in ModelOff?

One of ModelOff’s key values is that the competition should be accessible to “ANYONE, ANYWHERE”, especially given its focus on education and professional development. There are no limits to participating in ModelOff – any professional or student can compete. The only thing to consider is whether you fall into the professional or student category.

3. Do I compete as an individual or as a team?

ModelOff is an individual competition. By participating in ModelOff, you agree that all work submitted is your work alone.

You may still wish to arrange a group of colleagues to get involved in the competition, and we encourage you to do that. Companies may be interested in sponsoring or funding the registration of their employees. To pre-purchase tickets in bulk (5+), simply email us to make the registration process a bit easier for your employees, team or office.

In 2017, you can also compete in a Private League against colleagues in your company or at your university. If you decide to compete in a Private League, you will receive information about your rank relative to everyone else in your league. Your rank in the Private League is totally confidential (so only you receive that!) except for the names of the Top 3 competitors in that league, whose names will be visible for everyone in the league.

Read more here.

4. How does ModelOff work?

Rounds 1 and 2 of ModelOff will both be two-hour online contests held simultaneously around the world. Competitors will work through a number of case studies, each consisting of a variety of multiple choice questions. Some Case Studies may require you to build a Financial Model in order to answer the questions. Students and Professionals sit the exact same questions.

Case Studies may relate to topics such as Discounted Cash Flow Modeling (DCF) as well as Practical, Theory and Excel related problems (for more info see the ModelOff Framework). Participants compete individually, so all you need is a computer, internet connection and a copy of Excel. We encourage you to use the latest Microsoft Excel version throughout the competition.

Round 2 will be similarly structured to Round 1, but with even more challenging questions.

5. Do I need to study for ModelOff?

In preparing for ModelOff you might wish to try our range of past questions and Worked Solutions. At the same time, it’s important to note that you don’t need to study for ModelOff as such. Many competitors are already professionals who model on a daily basis (for many long hours!). We encourage you to brush up a little on the areas where you think there are some gaps. If you are looking to study for ModelOff, we highly recommend completing the past questions.

6. What time does Round 1 of ModelOff 2017 start for me?

Round 1 will be held online on September 23th, 2017, simultaneously around the world.
Round 2 will be held online, also simultaneously worldwide, on October 7th, 2017.
Exact times are yet to be confirmed.

7. What are the Live Finals?

ModelOff 2017 will culminate in a World Finals Event held in New York, US. The Top 16 competitors from Rounds 1 and 2 will be flown from across the globe to New York to battle in front of world-class judges and will be set a variety of challenges testing Innovation, Speed, Data and Risk understanding, Best Practice Modeling Theory and more. From here we will crown the 2017 Financial Modeling World Champion.

8. How do I register for ModelOff?

Click the button below to take you to the sign-up page. ModelOff 2017 registration is $20 for students (postgraduate and undergraduate) and $30 for professionals. You can also pay in US Dollars if you would prefer. Email us if you have any issues with the cost – we don’t want that to get in the way of you participating.

Register is here.

9. When did ModelOff start?

2016 is the 5th Financial Modeling World Championship event. In its inaugural year, 2012, ModelOff was won by Alex Gordon from Wellington, NZ (PwC). The 2013 Champion is Hilary Smart from London, UK (Operis) and the 2014 Champion is Diarmuid Early from Ireland (Deutsche Bank). The reigning World Champion from 2015 is Joseph Lau from Australia (Commonwealth Bank).

10. Who organizes ModelOff?

ModelOff is independently organized and administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL). Other major competitions run by PSCL include TEXATA (Big Data Analytics World Championships), LoyaltyGames (Loyalty Marketing & Gamification World Championships) and Acturian (Actuarial World Championships).

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