Excel Webinars by 2016 Finalist Philip Trick

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After the success of his first Webinar for ModelOff, 2016 ModelOff World Championship Finalist Philip Trick will again be leading a webinar. This is a part of a series of Microsoft Excel webinars Philip has decided to host to share his insight about the program we all know and love. Apply Below!

Webinar 2: Using Get & Transform To Mix and Crunch Data
Date and Time
Tuesday September 26th
1pm EDT (New York, United States)

Webinar Access and Resources
Register your details here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/842073460262830339

Philip will be working through Energy Operations, a ModelOff 2013 question. You can download it at www.modeloff.com/questions

Executive Summary
The Get & Transform tool, formerly known as the PowerQuery add-in, comes fully packaged with Excel 2016. The tool incorporates a series of powerful data management features that can be used for quickly creating a variety of analytical tools. For this webinar, I will create a live solution to the ModelOff 2013 “Energy Operations” workbook nearly entirely with Get & Transform to demonstrate how you can create flexible and robust analytical tools.

As part of this webinar, each of the following topics will be quickly discussed and used to solve our problem.

1) Priming Data for Get & Transform
2) Combining Data with Merge
3) Cross-Joining Data
4) Pivoting Data
5) Using Support Queries to Create Functionality

Rather than focusing on how to use specific functions in detail, this webinar will demonstrate the power, speed, and ease of use the Get & Transform tool brings to users by quickly solving a problem. For those interested in more detailed learning at a more controlled pace, all participants will receive a coupon towards learning about the Get & Transform tool at a far more detailed level.


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