Corality partners with ModelOff to become Official World Learning Partner

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The ModelOff team is delighted to announce that Corality Financial Group (Corality) will join the ModelOff family as official World Learning Partner. Corality is one of the fastest-growing leaders in the financial modeling world. Dedicated to exceptional financial modeling, Corality has experience engaging clients in over 40 countries. Their world-class service delivers confidence when it counts, through leading consulting practices, industry-specific experience and their specialist training academy.


Benefits for all ModelOff participants
Corality will be providing complimentary worked solutions to previous ModelOff questions over the next 18 months. This valuable long-term educational resource will help professionals and students worldwide to understand the technical skills and analytical acumen required for financial modeling within cross-disciplinary areas of Excel/VBA, accounting, finance, quant, banking and operations industries.

“Corality is extremely excited to be part of educating the next generation of leaders. There’s a strong cultural alignment between the Financial Modeling World Championships and Corality – we hope we can help inspire an even greater level of best practice excellence on the biggest stage of all at ModelOff and beyond,” says Rickard Wärnelid, Group CEO of Corality Financial Group.

“We’re always looking to create a clear educational pathway to help ModelOff competitors access trusted, world-class educational materials with real-world business insights,” notes Johann Odou, ModelOff Lead Organizer. “We believe Corality will help us raise the bar – they have the right leadership, vision and energy to partner with us globally as we continue to expand. As organizers, we feel financial modeling is not taught uniformly – if at all – at university level in many countries. It’s important we bridge the gap, and Corality helps us achieve this with their strong technical reputation and educational passion, especially in infrastructure, operations and resources.”

In the coming months you can download the free worked solutions. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

To learn more about Corality, visit their website.

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