ModelOff 2017 Start Times

With the success of ModelOff 2016’s two-tier Start Time system, the 2017 Financial Modeling World Championship will again be hosted with at different times for Round 1 and Round 2. This will ensure that those who competed with less favourable time in Round 1 won’t have to do so in Round 2.

Note – The anchor time for ModelOff 2017 will be based on the New York City, where the Finals will be hosted this year.

Round 1
Saturday 23 September
New York City (EDT) 9am

Round 2
Saturday 7 October
New York City (EDT) 5pm

Excel Webinars by 2016 Finalist Philip Trick

After the success of his first Webinar for ModelOff, 2016 ModelOff World Championship Finalist Philip Trick will again be leading a webinar. This is a part of a series of Microsoft Excel webinars Philip has decided to host to share his insight about the program we all know and love. Apply Below!

Webinar 2: Using Get & Transform To Mix and Crunch Data
Date and Time
Tuesday September 26th
1pm EDT (New York, United States)

Webinar Access and Resources
Register your details here:

Philip will be working through Energy Operations, a ModelOff 2013 question. You can download it at

Executive Summary
The Get & Transform tool, formerly known as the PowerQuery add-in, comes fully packaged with Excel 2016. The tool incorporates a series of powerful data management features that can be used for quickly creating a variety of analytical tools. For this webinar, I will create a live solution to the ModelOff 2013 “Energy Operations” workbook nearly entirely with Get & Transform to demonstrate how you can create flexible and robust analytical tools.

As part of this webinar, each of the following topics will be quickly discussed and used to solve our problem.

1) Priming Data for Get & Transform
2) Combining Data with Merge
3) Cross-Joining Data
4) Pivoting Data
5) Using Support Queries to Create Functionality

Rather than focusing on how to use specific functions in detail, this webinar will demonstrate the power, speed, and ease of use the Get & Transform tool brings to users by quickly solving a problem. For those interested in more detailed learning at a more controlled pace, all participants will receive a coupon towards learning about the Get & Transform tool at a far more detailed level.


ModelOff Dominates High IQ Competition

Round 1 of the inaugural HIQORA High IQ World Championship took place on May 28 with over 2000 registrants from all around the world. Results for Round 1 were sent out on June 1 and ModelOff are delighted to announce that there are 4 past-ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championship Finalists in the Top 40, including 3 in the Top 15! This demonstrates that ModelOff’s talent extends well beyond just the realm of Financial Modeling. With Round 2 around the corner on June 11, we wish them the best of luck and we’re looking forward to see our first ever multi-competition Finalist.

To find out more about HIQORA, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

9. Willem Gerritsen (Finalist 2014, Runners-up 2015)
11=. Karolis Ramanauskas (Finalist 2015)
11=. Diarmuid Early (World Champion 2014, Finalist 2015)
31=. Dan Mayoh (Runners-up 2012, current Question Design Team member)

HIQORA Round 1 Top40

Announcing ModelOff Jobs Board

Looking for a job in financial analysis and financial modeling? Interested in hiring members of the largest real-world financial modeling and investment analyst community in the world? ModelOff has just launched a Jobs Board to bring together financial modelers and organizations that need them.

We believe it’s a natural fit.  Since 2012, the ModelOff championship has attracted 10,000+ highly-talented professionals with drive and passion for solving complex business problems with Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance and Quantitative methods.  We have over 50,000 regular subscribers to ModelOff communications across the world. Companies and hiring managers notice ModelOff’s financial modeling expertise on display in their workplaces and often alumni of the world’s leading organizations and universities.  Financial modeling is the #1 technical skill sought by CFO’s and Finance Leaders and we’d created ModelOff’s Jobs Board to provide each group with direct access to the other (i.e. no middleman). It’s a win-win.

How it works

Financial Modeling-related job posts can be created by anyone with a position to fill. For USD $375, posts are shown for 30 days and to up to 60 days with the Premium Post option for USD $750. You are welcome to re-post positions as needed. Posts should include all the essentials (job description, responsibilities, requirements, compensation, and location) plus how applicants should apply (via link or email address). And applicants, it helps to include your ModelOff performance!  Listings should explicitly identify the company or employer (no anonymous recruiter postings please). We welcome full-time positions and part-time jobs.

Our focus

ModelOff Job listings will be actively curated for quality and relevance to the following key categories:

(a) Financial Modeling

(b) Financial Analysts

(c) Investment Analysts

(d) Quantitative Analysts

(e) Microsoft Excel and VBA

(f)  Forecasting, Budgeting

Send your questions to

Online Rounds of ModelOff 2016 World Championships: Dates Announced!

ModelOff are pleased to announce the dates for the Online Rounds of ModelOff 2016:

Round 1: October 22nd 2016
Round 2: November 5th 2016

As with previous years, online rounds will be conducted simultaneously around the world with the Top 16 advancing to the Live Finals Event held in London in December 2016.

If this is your first year competing at ModelOff then be sure to check out our FAQ’s and Past Questions to get you warmed up for Round 1.

Exact start times will be posted in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more.

ModelOff visits the Microsoft Excel teams in Redmond and Tel Aviv

This week the ModelOff team travelled to Redmond, WA to visit the Microsoft Excel Product and Development Team and attend the Data Insights Summit. We also made a similar trip last month to meet with the Excel Team in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Visits like this are a fantastic opportunity for us to provide feedback from our valued ModelOff community directly to the Excel Development Team whilst continuing to develop the close relationship between ModelOff and Microsoft.

If you would like to have the opportunity to meet and learn from the Excel Team, then be sure to register for the ModelOff Global Training Camp series, happening in five cities (Sydney, Toronto, New York, Hong Kong, London) in 2016.

ModelOff Global Training Camps 2016: Locations and Dates Announced.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ModelOff Global Training Camp Series 2016. After the overwhelming success of last year’s inaugural London GTC, this year’s series will expand to five key international finance cities:

  • Sydney (September 1st-2nd, 2016)
  • Toronto (September 22nd-23rd, 2016)
  • New York (October 6th-7th, 2016)
  • Hong Kong (November 24th-25th, 2016)
  • London (December 5th-6th, 2016)
  • The ModelOff GTC’s are two-day world-class technical training development programs for young and emerging business leaders. With over 30 sessions across multiple tracks, the ModelOff GTC’s are the first choice for building technical skills in Advanced Excel, Business and Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Infrastructure, Investment Management, Private Equity and Risk Intelligence.

    The 2016 GTC’s will once again give you the unique opportunity to meet members of the Microsoft Excel Product and Development Team. Learn from these Excel experts through intimate training sessions or enjoy a coffee break with team members to share your ideas on how to make Excel even greater.

    Each ModelOff GTC is limited to only 250 participants, so register now to avoid missing out!

    The Origins of the ModelOff Golden Keyboard Trophy

    The Golden Keyboard In only its second year, the Golden Keyboard is already an icon of the ModelOff Finals. Each year, the new Financial Modeling World Champion is presented with the Golden Keyboard, designed by Altrum Honors to celebrate their ascent into modelling greatness.

    The Golden Keyboard debuted in 2014 when the ModelOff team decided the flagship trophy needed to be special and unique to this, dare we say it, pretty unique competition. Just as Ice Hockey has the Stanley Cup, Cricket has an urn for The Ashes, Le Tour de France has a yellow jersey and US Masters Golf has its Green Jacket, now the competitive sport of financial modeling has its own special trophy.

    In creating the trophy, the ModelOff Team wanted to build something all modelers could relate to. It struck us that every member of the ModelOff community would be all too familiar with the keyboard, the essential tool to navigate the Microsoft Excel minefield.

    Joseph Lau But this was no ordinary keyboard. What became pretty obvious at the first ModelOff Finals in New York in 2012 was that the majority of finalists had intentionally removed their F1 key. When asked why, they explained it was because the F1 (Help) key was directly between two of their most popular keys, the Escape and F2 keys, and that they would get frustrated when it was pressed accidentally. In a cut-throat competition like ModelOff where speed was paramount, there was no margin for error. It bemused and astounded even the most seasoned Excel professionals, such as ModelOff Judge Bill Jelen, himself ‘Mr Excel’. And so it was from then on, that the legend of the F1-less keyboard was born.

    The Golden Keyboard trophy is depicted with no F1 key, because the rationale is that the ModelOff Champion doesn’t really need its help! More than that though, as Matt Porzio from Intralinks explains, “this award is very meaningful … it shows that the recipient has the dedication, focus and ability to beat a room of champions at one of the hardest things to do, financial modeling”.

    Sponsored by Intralinks (whose core team history should remember as part of the brainstorming!), the Golden Keyboard was won in 2015 by Joseph Lau (Australia). The inaugural winner was 2014 World Champion Diarmuid Early (Ireland). They join Alex Gordon (2012, New Zealand) and Hilary Smart (2013, UK) as the four Financial Modeling World Champions.

    Four World Champions

    Joseph Lau crowned ModelOff 2015 World Champion

    ModelOff 2015 Champion

    ModelOff is delighted to announce that Joseph Lau from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has won the 2015 Financial Modelling World Championship, with Willem Gerritsen of the Netherlands coming in Second Place and Third Place going to Alvin Woon from Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong, who famously got the perfect score for Online Round 1. In an energetic Finals Awards Ceremony held at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place offices in London, Lau received the honour ahead of 15 other finalists and several thousand who had competed in the online qualification rounds. As World Champion, Lau wins £10,000 and the now iconic Golden Keyboard.

    The win came as no surprise. Lau, in his second consecutive ModelOff Finals, achieved the highest aggregate score from the two Online Rounds, scoring 119/120 (second only to Woon) in Round 1 and topping Round 2 worldwide with 115/120. Despite being one of the favourites to take out this year’s title, the extremely humble Lau sought to downplay his chances.

    Lau is nicknamed ‘The Fine Wine’ because he just keeps getting better with age. He is the most experienced modeler out of the 16 Finalists, and indeed the oldest ever ModelOff finalist at age 43. His experience proved to be invaluable, soaking up the pressure of 4 hours and 10 minutes of Finals testing – even after 2014 World Champion Diarmuid Early completed and walked out of a 30-minute challenge with 15 minutes to spare. That special feat by Early earned him the Innovation Award. In his acceptance speech, Lau joked that “I guess this proves age is no barrier” and thanked his family “who are probably fast asleep (in Sydney)”. As it turned out Lau (43), Gerritsen (36) and Woon (36) were the three eldest finalists and finished in order of age. So much for modelling being just a young kid’s game!

    Overall the Finals results were very tight at the top and Question Design Team members Dan Mayoh, Alex Gordon and Hilary Smart had their work cut out to separate the Top 3. In the end the competition’s most experienced professional delivered Australia their first Financial Modelling World Champion.

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