Announcing ModelOff 2016 Start Times

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In 2016, ModelOff will be taking a new and improved approach for the worldwide start times in Online Rounds 1 and 2. The new strategy has come off the back of feedback from past ModelOff as well as other world championships such as TEXATA (Big Data) and HIQORA (High IQ).

In 2016, ModelOff will again be held simultaneously worldwide based on 9am New York / 2pm London time on Saturday 22nd October.

For Round 2, ModelOff will begin at alternate time of 5pm New York / 9pm London to create a better balance for the worldwide audience who participate in ModelOff. For example, competitors in Sydney and Wellington who have a challenging ‘early hours’ starting time in Round 1 will be get the chance to compete at a more conventional time come Round 2.

This is one of many steps that ModelOff is undertaking to make the Financial Modeling World Championships a truly global event.

Round 1 Start Times


Round 2 Start Times

Round 2 Start Times

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