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The World of ModelOff

ModelOff is the world’s largest community for students and professionals who have a passion for Financial Modeling. At the center of this community is the annual Financial Modeling World Championships, a fun educational competition that helps develop skills and test some of the best in the world. Learn more below about how this unique competition works and the ModelOff Philosophy.

How ModelOff works: Everything
you need to know about competing
Online Rounds

Round 1 – Online

ModelOff competitors undertaking Round 1 online will work through a variety of fun challenges and case studies.  All you need is a computer, Excel and an internet connection.

Participants can compete in ModelOff Round 1 any time within a 24-hour window (in their local time zone) and will have up to 12 hours to complete the questions and challenges. Round 1 is designed to be easily accessible for all competitors, regardless where your location or current skill level.

Round 2 – Online

There are two versions of Round 2 competitors may end up competing in.

Round 2 Official: Top individual competitors from Round 1 will be invited to take part in Round 2 Official, which is designed as a qualification round for the ModelOff Finals. Competitors in Round 2 Official are subject to simultaneous start and end times with only a limited amount of time to complete the challenge questions (typically 2 or 3 hours). Qualification for the ModelOff Finals is based purely on one’s performance in Round 2 Official.

Round 2 Open: This version of Round 2 is open to all competitors including teams and is designed for maximum accessibility. As with Round 1, competitors in Round 2 Open will be able to start the round any time within a 24-hour window (in their local time zone) and will have up to 12 hours to complete the questions and challenges. Round 2 Open will be accessible at the conclusion of Round 2 Official.

ModelOff Finals

The 2019 ModelOff Finals will be held in London, UK in December.  The Finals will feature 15 competitors flown in from around the world to test their skills agains some of the best in the world. These 15 competitors will consist of the top 10 individual competitors and the top 5 Rookies. A Rookie competitor is an individual student competitor who is 25 years of age or less at the time of Round 1, this category is designed to recognise young competitors who have not yet had significant professional work experience.

Qualification for ModelOff Finals is based solely on one’s performance in Round 2 Official.

Hall of Fame and Retirement

Once a ModelOff competitor makes the Finals for the third time, they will be inducted into the ModelOff Hall-of-Fame. When a competitor achieves this level of success they will no longer be eligible to qualify for future ModelOff Finals, and will in essence “retire”, however they will still able to compete in the online rounds for fun.

The ModelOff Philosophy
ModelOff stands for Learning, Development and Excellence in the World of Financial Modeling
Global Impact of Financial Modeling

Everyday, ModelOff participants power analysis and insights for hundreds of billions of dollars of transactional projects worldwide. More than 800 million people use Microsoft Excel to push analytical boundaries today to create tomorrow’s future. Financial Modeling is using Microsoft Excel for Finance applications – from the stock market, new investments and everyday business improvement. Only Financial Modeling makes it possible for the complex to be made simple, the challenging to be understood and ideas and dreams to be shared collaboratively.

Global Recognition

Each year, ModelOff attracts thousands of students and professionals from over 100 countries to the Financial Modeling World Championships and related events. We recognise and celebrate excellence in Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling, which are widely regarded among the world’s most important technical skills in modern enterprise and business. ModelOff is also a major contributor to the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), which promotes education and excellence in financial modeling through their global certification program.

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