2018 ModelOff World Champion

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Hometown Hero Takes Out the 2018 ModelOff World Championship

London – December 3, 2018


L-to-R: Marc Wiseman (2nd), Michael Jarman (1st) and Paul Dent (3rd)

In just his second year of competing in ModelOff, UK born Michael Jarman from Operis fought off strong competition to take home his first ModelOff Financial Modeling World Championship. Jarman’s superior speed and poise saw him edge out an all British podium which included Marc Wiseman who took second and Paul Dent who finished third.


This was the first year of a new format for the finals which saw the top 10 finishers, and top 6 ‘Rookies’ from the Online Rounds flown to London where the finals were hosted at Microsoft’s  Paddington Office. This new format meant that we were in for an exciting Finals Testing, and with 6 ‘Rookies’ in the mix, plus a number of ModelOff regulars who were inducted to the ModelOff Hall of Fame, the title of the World’s Best Modeler was wide open.


In addition to the Competition changes, the ModelOff Question Design Team also welcomed former ModelOff Competitors, and now Hall of Fame inductees Diarmuid Early (2014 Champion) and Michael Clarke (Third Place 2014). Michael and Diarmuid joined the long standing team of Dan Mayoh, Alex Gordon and Hilary Smart who work hard behind the scenes to put together the challenges for the best modelers in the world.


With the new Finals Format and Hall of Fame rules in place, the question on everyone’s mind was can a ‘Rookie’ stand up and take the thrown? Or will experience trump youthful enthusiasm? It turns out experience matters, with 2017 third place Finisher Jarman rising above the pack to take home the Golden Keyboard.


If we cast our minds back to 2017, Jarman was just an exciting young debutant Finalist and he surprised everyone by finishing third in a Competition stacked with some of the ModelOff greats. This year he proved 2017 was no fluke as he dominated from the online rounds right through to the Finals where he calmly worked through the challenge questions and took home the title.


A new age of Modeling, headbands are essential!


Like Michael Jarman last year, we also had a first time ModelOff Finalist on the podium this year with Marc Wiseman from The Wisemanagent Group finishing in second place. Despite being a first time finalist Marc has a history of competition and success, for example he has beaten the World Quizzing Champion in a quiz based on sports.


Completing the all British podium for 2018, was Paul Dent from Lewis Golden LLP. This was Paul’s second straight Finals experience having successfully made the Finals last year as well. However, not content with just making the Finals, Paul stepped it up a gear this year and ultimately claimed the Third and final spot on the podium.


In addition to the inclusion of the Top 6 ‘Rookies’ at the Finals, we also celebrated the Number #1 overall ‘Rookie’ who received the prestigious Simon Benninga Award. Named after a former ModelOff Judge who passed away in 2015, but was widely regarded as one of the “Fathers of Financial Modeling” whose books and lectures have inspired millions of Finance student across the world. This year it was awarded to New Zealander Jhett Koo who topped the scores for our ‘Rookies’ in 2018.


The 2018 ModelOff season saw a number of changes, with the Competition looking to embrace youth and participation across the two online rounds, and the Live Finals in London. We saw the inclusion of ‘Rookie’ spots in the Finals, as well as options to compete as a Team in the online rounds. We also honoured a number of ModelOff greats who were inducted into the ModelOff Hall of Fame. All these changes made for one of the most exciting ModelOff seasons to date, and we now have a new Champion who will carry the title of the World’s Best Modeler through to 2019!

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