The Legend

ModelOff – The Financial Modeling World Championships celebrate the dedication and courage exhibited by participants who demonstrate the mantra of “Excellence by the Numbers”. ModelOff attracts intellectual athletes that compete against the world’s leading practitioners and university students in more than 110 countries. Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling are widely among the world’s most important technical skills in modern enterprise and business.

Global Impact of Financial Modeling
ModelOff participants everyday power analysis and insights for hundreds of billions of dollars of transactional projects worldwide. Each year more than 800 million people use Microsoft Excel to push analytical boundaries today and create tomorrow’s future. Financial Modeling is using Microsoft Excel for Finance applications – from the stock market, new investments and everyday business improvement. Only Financial Modeling makes it possible for the complex to be made simple, the challenging to be understood and ideas and dreams to be shared collaboratively.

Bring Your A-Game to ModelOff
We empower the world’s brightest minds in Banking, Finance, Investment, Engineering, Actuarial and all numbers disciplines to dream bigger. The hard-work required to master a broad universe of skills and expertise across Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Modeling often takes years to master. More than 8,000 professionals and students have competed in the ModelOff World Championship since 2012. Competitors invest hundreds and thousands of hours in educational preparation via a combination of self-study, work experience and intellectual curiosity.

ModelOff Finalists
Reaching the Top 16 Live Finals of ModelOff World Championships is a life-changing experience. Finalists gain international credibility of their organizations as they become recognized as world-class technical practitioners in Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling. Finalists share over $100,000 in awards and major prizes annually. Each will be invited to compete in the inaugural PENTIOS 24-hour business endurance world championships across 5 analytical disciplines ( and attend the annual PSCL Champions Conference to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii in February 2017. Finalists gain exclusive elite networking opportunities with Finalists and major sponsors from other Professional Services World Championship disciplines – including the Big Data Analytics World Championships, Loyalty and Gamification World Championships and Actuarial World Championships. Become part of a global networking alumni and share success with their elite peers.

Global Community Giving
ModelOff is committed to fostering networking and innovation. We release dozens of real-world questions and answers (Q&A) from the ModelOff World Championship for free – to foster education and continuous learning. We invest in dozens of meetup events annually to nurture local analytical communities, student mentoring programs, careers and jobs fairs and facilitate new business partnerships. The ModelOff Global Training Camp is a series of is a two-day educational conference for anyone serious about Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Investment and Risk Intelligence. This annual event brings together professionals, industry experts and leading researchers all in one place to discuss cutting-edge innovation and industry best practice.




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