We make available many of the past questions which have featured in previous ModelOff competitions. We hope they are help you build your financial modeling skills in a fun, challenging way. Completing ModelOff’s past questions is the best way to help you prepare for the Financial Modeling World Championships.

This page is updated from time to time with additional questions. Please note that the material is intended for personal use only – you must seek written permission from the ModelOff Team if you would like to use for any other purpose.


Can you get the right numbers? (2016)

Gather the votes (2016)

Have a swing! (2016)

Money Money Money (2015)

What more is there to say? (2015)

Come On Down! (2015)

How are your accounting skills? (2015)

Making your phone plan more fun (2015)

Time to step up to the plate (2014)

Can you manage these cities? (2014)

Can you make your bid in time? (2014)

Relive a childhood classic (2014)

Can You Manage This Data? (2014)

Practice Your Debt Modeling (2014)

Finals Group Challenge (2013)

Crunch the Sales Data (2013)

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