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How did you hear about the ModelOff competition? What made you want to get involved?

A member of the QDT, whom shall remain unnamed, encouraged me to participate 4 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tell us a bit about your experiences in Round 1 and 2. Did you think you would make it to the World Finals?

Round 1 was undertaken at home with only one proper monitor and a small laptop screen. It was a struggle to read the questions and I felt lucky to scrape through.
With that in mind, I took Round 2 into the office. Little did I know there would be constructions work going on in the building. A security guard also came in to check. I forgot if I said ‘Hi’. I hope he doesn’t think I’m rude.

What is/are your greatest achievement(s) – either personally or professionally?

I thought having my joke posted on the Australian Financial Review last year was pretty amazing.

Tell us a bit about your life away from work.

I enjoy sports, running, eating, drinking, games, puzzles and watching Game of Thrones over and over again.

Favorite Excel Shortcut(s):

Ctrl + Alt + {Left Arrow}

What do you hope comes out of being a ModelOff Finalist?

Life changing experience.

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