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Tell us about your educational background (degree, institute, year and any other information):

B Engineering (Telecommunications) – 1st Class Honours, 2006, University of Wollongong
B Commerce (Economics) – With Distinction, 2006, University of Wollongong

How did you get so good at Excel? Tell us a bit about your modeling training.

Lots of practice! I started my career in Investment Banking, so that was my main training ground for modelling. It was all on the job and self-directed learning, with some great help from my colleagues in the early days.

What makes you different from the other competitors? What are your strengths?

I don’t actually do modelling as part of my day job anymore. Every now and then I do some modelling for a specific purpose but it is probably only 10% of my time these days and it is generally very simple.

What is/are your greatest achievement(s) – either personally or professionally?

My daughter Sophie (16 months old), nothing else comes close.

From where does your passion for financial modeling come?

I like problem solving and working on difficult problems. I find modelling is a great way for expressing logical thinking and creativity for real world problems.

Tell us a bit about your life away from work.

I’m married to Karen and we’ve been together since we were 16 years old. Our daughter Sophie is 16 months old and is the centre of our universe.

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