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How did you get so good at Excel? Tell us a bit about your modeling training.

I never had a formal modeling training. I have been in love with Excel since 2007. I learned most of what I know now at work. I started my career at SBI Capital Markets in Project Finance, where I learned my first models. After that it’s been the support of my managers and employers that they trust me and let me go as crazy as I can with my models.

What makes you different from the other competitors? What are your strengths?

Unlike most modelers, I do not have a regular investment banking job. I am a freelance consultant. I do not specialize in particular industry, geography or deal type. I get to work on everything. From financial models to operational simulations, from dashboards to automation solutions.

I believe my strength is summarizing complicated overwhelming situations with numbers. I think that is most important part of modelling when you see a plan (business or otherwise) in words and vision and turn them into numbers.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received at work?

Make yourself indispensable and everyone will make sure that you are happy.

Tell us a bit about your life away from work.

I am an enthusiast traveler and a budding photographer. Both go great together. Other than that I love cycling and cooking. My favorite stress buster is chopping vegetables.

What do your friends/family think about you being involved in the ModelOff competition?

My friends are very proud of me. My parents are however suspicious I am making something up to go on yet another trip.

What do you hope comes out of being a ModelOff Finalist?

Being a Modeloff finalist has really done wonders with my practice. Earlier the most common question I used to get was “Are you sure you can model, like real financial models? One that can be given to banks?” Nobody has dared to ask me anything close since ModelOff. I expect another year of smooth project pitches. And yes, I have waited for the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Underground, the Natural History Museum and Tower Bridge for too long.

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