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How did you hear about the ModelOff competition? What made you want to get involved?

I know of the ModelOff through my workplace. A PwC colleague (Alex Gordon) has formerly won the competition.

Since I started working in PwC Australia (seconded from PwC Japan) in 2015, my manager has encouraged me to participate in the ModelOff. I had so much fun modeling within this competitive environment last year even though I wasn’t able to make it to the finals. That made me determined to have another go this year.

Tell us a bit about your experiences in Round 1 and 2. Did you think you would make it to the World Finals?

I was in Uluru (Ayers Rock) on holiday with my mother (visiting me all the way from Japan) and girlfriend on the day of Round 2. Round 2 started Sunday morning at 6:30am, which meant I had to give up viewing one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. What’s worse is I needed to ask my family to give it up as well as I was the only driver. Fortunately, we had already had a chance to watch it the day before. I’m thankful they were happy to support me to do Round 2. This has made me feel that I really need to make it through the finals and was very glad to make that happen.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received at work?

When you finish, we’ll go get sushi.

What is/are your greatest achievement(s) – either personally or professionally?

Achieved sub 4 in Gold Coast Marathon 2016 for the first marathon in my life.

Favorite Excel Shortcut(s):

Ctrl + R

What do you hope comes out of being a ModelOff Finalist?

Next steps as a modeller. Also looking forward to meeting skilled / talented modellers.

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