Meeting Hilary Smart, 2013 ModelOff Winner

Four months on after winning the 2013 Financial Modeling World Title, we caught up with Hilary Smart to see how her life has changed.

IMG_1060Last December, 26-year-old Hilary Smart, a Senior Consultant at Operis in London, won the 2013 Financial Modeling World Championship at the Live Finals in New York.

Smart has since been elevated to a kind of industry rockstar: a legion of fans, countless networking opportunities, even work colleagues who dubbed her “Champ”. So what makes Hilary tick? We sat down with her to find out.

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One-on-one with Alex Gordon

29 May 2014 — ModelOff’s Joseph McDaid chats with Financial Modeling World Champion Alex Gordon (PwC New Zealand) about modeling challenges, tips for students and professionals as well as some of Alex’s journey to becoming a world class financial modeler.

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2013 New York Finals

2013 Finals

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Example Questions and Answers from ModelOff 2012 and 2013 are now available. We hope that these help with your learning and inspire you to take your Financial Modeling to the next level.


ModelOff is a fun, innovative and professional competition for students and professionals to develop and test their financial modeling skills against their friends, colleagues and top modelers from around the world. Participants from over 100 countries progress through two Online Qualification Rounds with a Live Finals Event held in New York. Find out more >>

How ModelOff Works

Rounds 1 and 2 of ModelOff will be a two-hour online contest held simultaneously around the world. In 2014, there will be two windows to ensure greater flexibility for entrants. You will work through a number of case studies, each consisting of a variety of multiple choice questions. Some Case Studies may require you to build a Financial Model in order to answer the questions.

Case Studies may relate to topics such as Discounted Cash Flow Modeling (DCF) as well as Practical, Theory and Excel related problems (for more info see the ModelOff Framework). Round 1 will be conducted completely online and participants will compete individually, so all you need is a computer, internet connection and a copy of Excel. We encourage you to use the latest Microsoft 2010 Excel version throughout the competition.

Top competitors will move through to Round 2 – similarly structured to Round 1, but with more challenging questions.

ModelOff 2014 will culminate in a Live Finals Event held in the spiritual home of Financial Modeling, New York City. The Top 16 Finalists will be flown to New York to do battle in front of world-class judges and will be set a variety of challenges testing Innovation, Speed, Data and Risk understanding, Best Practice Modeling Theory and more.


The prize pool for ModelOff 2014 will include cash, interviews with leading global Financial Institutions, product giveaways and more.


In 2014, the prize categories include:
  • Financial Modeling World Champion 1st Place ($30,000)
  • Financial Modeling World Champion 2nd Place ($10,000)
  • Financial Modeling World Champion 3rd Place ($5,000)
  • Post Graduate Student Champion (i.e. Masters, Doctoral)
  • Undergraduate Student Champion (i.e. Bachelors)
  • Top 16 Finalists will be flown to New York for the Finals

ModelOff Finals Judges

The ModelOff Finals in New York will be presided over by three of the world’s leading authorities on Finance, Financial Modeling and Excel.

International Author and Professor

Head Americas Modeling – S&P Capital IQ

Excel Expert – Microsoft MVP

ModelOff 2013 Question Design Team

ModelOff draws upon the expertise of some of the World’s Best Financial Modelers to design and construct the questions used in The Financial Modeling World Championships. Take a closer look at some of the contributors and Learning Partners here.

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